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Update Amerikaanse ES-receivers

Het was je misschien al bekend dat Sony alleen nog in de VS ES-receivers levert. De lijn heeft een upgrade en uitbreiding gehad en alle receivers zijn nu voorzien van Dolby Atmos en DTS:X. Bovendien zijn ze geschikt voor 4K/HDR.

Volgens Sony staat het beeld- en geluidsniveau op zeer hoog niveau. Ik kan een heel verhaal gaan typen, maar ik kan ook het persbericht kopiëren. Interessant voor degenen die in de VS willen shoppen... De kans dat deze receivers ook buiten de VS worden geleverd, acht ik niet groot.

New Models Address a Variety of Custom Installation Needs

DALLAS, September 14, 2016 (CEDIA Booth #3710) – Sony Electronics announced today the addition of four new audio-video receivers to join their current ES flagship model, the STR-ZA5000ES. Designed specifically to meet the needs of custom installers, the STR-ZA3100ES, STR-ZA2100ES, and STR-ZA1100ES provide the best installation quality. All of these new models, including the new entry-level STR-ZA810ES, support 4K HDR capability and incorporate both Dolby Atmos™ and DTS:X™ immersive audio.

“These new receivers feature our legendary ES build quality and are specifically designed by Sony based on feedback from the CI channel,” said Yukio Ishikawa, Director, Home Entertainment & Sound, Sony Electronics. “Their advanced audio and video performance make them the perfect complement to the emerging 4K UHD and HDR platforms and the ideal centerpiece for next generation home entertainment systems.”

ES Series Expands

Sony’s ES line of receivers are built for installers, inside and out. The ES series of receivers delivers the superior audio and video quality you expect from Sony and offers a suite of integration features for the custom installer: superior 4K device handling, ease of installation, third party certification, removable front panel, and multiple setup options. The ES receivers feature enhanced compatibility with leading control systems, intuitive web-based configurability, native HDCP 2.2 support and more. Sony’s highly regarded ES build quality features “Frame and Beam” full box construction that increases rigidity. When combined with the receiver’s off-set feet, this helps eliminate airborne vibration.

Installer-Friendly features

All of the expanded family of ES Audio-Video Receivers support network updates and include a multi-function Remote Commander that supports a variety of discrete operating codes. Also, all include Sony’s Auto Calibration technology, D.C.A.C. EX with Speaker Relocation. Utilizing a stereo microphone and 31 bands, D.C.A.C. EX compensates for less than ideal listening environments by closely simulating the sound field produced using optimally positioned and angled speakers. And a new feature called Phantom Surround Back provides a 7 channel surround experience with a 5 channel speaker configuration.

The STR-ZA1100ES and above models support ihiji, a cloud-based network management solution, and are compatible with most common controllers, including Crestron Connected. The STR-ZA3100ES and STR-ZA2100ES models can decode up to 9 channels.

Superior Sound Quality

The STR-ZA3100ES, STR-ZA2100ES and STR-ZA1100ES models include a full range of convenient features that address virtually every system integrator’s premium audio quality requirements. All of the new ES receivers are compatible with both Dolby Atmos and DTS:X and support a long list of legacy surround formats, including Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. The receivers incorporate three powerful DSPs, which reduce noise and provide clear sound localization and ambience. These processors are mounted, together with a high-grade electrolytic capacitor, on the receiver’s power line to ensure an ample supply of clean power and optimal performance.

To further enhance sound quality, the new ES models utilize high capacity transformers with localized power supplies, low phase noise precision crystal oscillators, and sonically tuned audio grade resistors.

Advanced Video Quality

Each of the new ES models includes six HDMI inputs (except the-ZA1100ES, which has 5) and two outputs that provide full HDCP 2.2 compliance and supports the latest 4K 60p (4:4:4) Ultra HD content pass-through such as Ultra HD Blu-ray discs as well as video streaming in full 4K resolution and High Dynamic Range (HDR). It can also distribute both 4K video and multichannel audio simultaneously to two different zones. These new ES receivers are compatible with the new BT.2020 wide color gamut standard for future applications.

Additionally, the four new ES receivers can upscale video to 4K 24p.

Pricing and Availability

The new receivers are exclusive to the custom installer channel and with a 5-year limited parts and labor warranty. All four models will be available to dealers and the custom installer channel in spring 2017. Detailed specifications will be available in early 2017. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price and high-level specifications are as follows:

  • STR-ZA5000ES (current model), $2,799.99 msrp, 9 x 130w, 11ch Decode, HDMI (6/2), Dolby Atmos/DTS:X, HDR/HDCP2.2, 8 port switch (2 POE), Pre out, Aluminum panel, Crestron Connected, Supporting ihiji
  • STR-ZA3100ES (new in 2017), $1,699.99 msrp, 7 x 110w, 9ch + Phantom 2ch Decode, HDMI (6/2), Dolby Atmos/DTS:X, HDR/HDCP2.2, 8 port switch (2 POE), Pre out, Crestron Connected, Supporting ihiji
  • STR-ZA2100ES (new in 2017), $1399.99, 7 x 105w, 9ch + Phantom 2ch Decode, HDMI (6/2), Dolby Atmos/DTS:X, HDR/HDCP2.2, 1 Ethernet, Crestron Connected, Supporting ihiji
  • STR-ZA1100ES (new in 2017), $999.99 msrp, 7 x 100w, 7ch + Phantom 2ch Decode, HDMI (5/2), Dolby Atmos/DTS:X, HDR/HDCP2.2, 1 Ethernet, Crestron Connected, Supporting ihiji
  • STR-ZA810ES (new in 2017), $799.99 msrp, 7 x 100w, 7ch + Phantom 2ch Decode, HDMI (6/2), Dolby Atmos/DTS:X, HDR/HDCP2.2, 1 Ethernet

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    De herkomst van het Sony S-logo 

    Volgens de legende zou Sony's mede-oprichter Akio Morita tijdens een wandeling op een electronicashow zijn afgestapt op een televisie. Hij was onder de indruk van het mooie design van de tv en zei tegen zijn medebezoekers 'Dít is Sony design! Kijk eens hoe mooi het is'. Na een closer-look bleek het echter om een Toshiba tv te gaan.

    Gegeneerd door het misverstand gaf Morita Sony's Corporate Identity Group onmiddellijk de opdracht om een grafisch symbool te ontwerpen, dat past bij alle Sony producten en Sony producten eenvoudig herkenbaar maakt.

    De S-mark is ontworpen door Masaaki Omura en bestond uit 7 lijnen met punten die samen de letter S aan de rechterkant vormen. Het symbool ging vaak gepaard met de tekst 'It's a Sony' en verscheen op alles wat Sony naar buiten bracht: producten, dozen, folders, reclame. Het S-logo werd gebruikt tot 1998. Waarom ermee werd gestopt, wil niemand bij Sony zeggen. Keiei Kaigi schreef op een kladje dat gestopt werd met dit logo. Als de Design Center vraagt om de reden, zwijgt hij in alle talen.


    Wist je dat Sony in 1981 geprobeerd het logo (lettertype) aan te passen?

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